Blood Notes

                        By Publisher AL J. Vermette

   Welcome back my Legion of readers to our first issue of 2011.  We had a
great Halloween season and our "Blood Fest" show was the biggest one we
ever had.  See William's write up of it in this issue of BMR.  Also you can see
some really spooky Halloween houses I found over the month when I was out
searching for the best that Long Island NY had to offer.....well that I found
anyway.  If I missed your house let us know and send us photos for next
Halloween's issue.

   Yes "Blood Fest 7" was the best this year!  We had over 260 people come
to the event that had magic and side show acts along with the rock band
December's Fall.  One girl in the side show walked on shards of broken
glass and then laid down on it.  Now that's an act!  Our yearly Costume &
Scream Contests were a hit as always and our new Haunted Tunnel that
leads into the theater was the best we ever had.  Next year I plan on making it
even better.  Dark Soul hosted the event once again and also when not on
stage he roamed about scaring the hell out of people.  One poor mother and
child never made it into the theater and ran off.  As a treat for the fans of
Blood Fest we showed the classic 1978 master "Halloween" as our featured
film.  Later at the After Party for BMR’s 10th anniversary one guy told me that
until us showing "Halloween" he had never seen it and thanked me for
showing it this year for Blood Fest 7.

   In our After Party for  the 10th Anniversary of the magazine, I hung out with
writers who came to my writing Workshops that I held over Spring and it was
good to see them again.  The event was so well loved by all that just two days
after the show we got booked for "Blood Fest 8" set for Oct. 22nd.  Now how
cool is that!  We also have a date set for our other genre event "The Institute
of Horror, Fantasy & Science Fiction" only 7 months after the last one we did
over the Summer.  That event is set for March 12 and will again be held at the
Queens Flushing Library 41-17 Main. St. Flushing NY 11355.  This event is
free to all so come on out and enjoy.

   If you have not heard yet I'm telling you now.  Our magazine "The Horror
Writer" is holding production for now.  With the hard times facing publishing
and the loss of almost all of our bookstore outlets makes us like many other
news papers and magazines close the pages on the publication that I started
back in 2003.  I am sad to end it (for now) but I hope over the last seven
years that the magazine helped new and young writers learn that only the
craft of writing but become better horror writers.  At this time "Werewolf
Magazine" also in the same fate will come out with its issue #11 and maybe
we will start publishing "The Horror Writer" online as part of our web site just
like we did with "Blood Moon Rising" three years ago.  Our fans and readers
seem to love our new format with BMR and so we may just do the same for
"The Horror Writer."  Check with our web site to see what's happening with

   One last item: This new issue is being dedicated in memory to the wife of
our staff writer Robert Freese, who lost his beloved Fran just before the
holidays.  Although I never really met Frances, I feel that I have known her
through Robert.  He would speak of her often and with such love that one
could tell that they were true soul mates.  My heart goes out to Robert, who
has been with Blood Moon Rising since almost the beginning and I wanted
him to know that we here at BMR and our fans are thinking about him and so
said about his loss  

   Well if you hadn't checked out the new issue yet, now's the time to enjoy
"Blood Moon Rising" Issue #43.