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In This Issue of Blood Moon Rising

Special Features articles: Blood Fest 15 and Creepy Freaky Film Fest, The
Dunmore Cemetary Tour, Haunt The Hall: Krampus in Salem

The Rose Files: The Boy of Iwo Jima

Creature Feature: The Graboids in the Tremors fanchise

Bloody Book Reviews: An ordinary woman is picked to help protect an
invaluable item from a she demon,  a boy notices strange happenings in a
nearby cemetary only to find out it's worse than he expected

Terror Tube: Charmed the Reboot

Making Monsters: AFX Studio

Interviews: Alberto Martinez, Horror Filmmaker, Kat MacLean, Creator of
Haunt the Halls Holiday Horror Show

Along with the rest of our regular sections of blood notes, nightmare news,
graveyard cinema, fiction, poetry and nightmare gallery