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In This Issue of Blood Moon Rising

Special Features articles: Behind the Screams: Blood Fest 13,
Dracula: 120 Years of Terror, Night of the Krampus: Celebrating the
Christmas Demon, Examination of Stephen King's It on its 30th
Anniversary, Loss of Horror Host Zacherle, The Cool Ghoul, Creepy
Clowns Are A Coming

The Rose Files: The Mysterious Demon of Dover

Creature Feature: Mermaid

Bloody Book Reviews: Books on a demon coming back for a second
round of torment for a group of hunters; a man's  daughter is missing
and he searches for her in a dangerous winner where snow and a
serial killer could be the death of him

Terror Tube: Werewolf: The Series

Making Monsters: Patrick Tatopolous

Interviews: Author J.J. Reichenbach

Along with the rest of our regular sections of blood notes, nightmare
news, graveyard cinema, fiction, poetry and nightmare gallery