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In This Issue of Blood Moon Rising

Special Features articles: Behind the Screams - Review of Blood Fest
12, The Nightmare Before Christmas - The Demon Festival of
Krampuslauf, Exploring the Darker Side of Christmas - Attending a
Krampus Fest, America's Haunted House Turns 40 - The Amityville

The Rose Files: The (Possibly?) Haunted Cemetary!

Creature Feature: The Wendigo

Bloody Book Reviews: A
collection of short horror vignettes that’ll be
sure to make you want to keep the lights on, A vampire story told in the
world where humans and vampires are surviving in a world apocalypse
where they need each other to live, An agoraphobic girl looks to regain
her life while her nightmare is coming for her. So enjoy the first books
of the year.

Interviews: Psychic Andres de Jesus

Terror Tube: The Vampire Diaries

Making Monsters: Monster Man Cleve Hall

Along with the rest of our regular sections of blood notes, nightmare
news, graveyard cinema, fiction, poetry and nightmare gallery