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In This Issue of Blood Moon Rising

Interviews with Rusty Nugent author of the Moonwarriors saga, Michael
Baliff director and actor of 2 Hours

Special Features articles: Behind the Screams: Bloodfest 9 Halloween
Show, BMR's Scream for Halloween Club Party, Behind the Screams Lake
Films Premiere Night, How the Grinch Sandy Stole Halloween

Our Creature Feature is Gorgo

Bloody Book Reviews: Books about, a bunch of murderers trapped in a
house being stalked like victims, demons living among us to protect their
own, a sexy succubi convinced to do the right thing, a war vet getting a
job too good to be true and to finish up corrupt business against Satan
for souls of a small town.

Along with the rest of our regular sections of blood notes, nightmare
news, graveyard cinema, fiction, poetry and nightmare gallery