The Rose Files
True Scary Stories from Life
                             The Mystery of America’s Stonehenge
                                                        ~ Rose Titus ~

     One of the things that is great about living in New England, besides having to shovel out from under
forty-nine freakin feet of snow each winter, is that we have so much wonderful history.  You can just get in
your car, drive around and find something historic or mysterious, and possibly even spooky.  And that old
New England history includes the legends of the Native Americans, the Puritans, the heroes of the
American Revolution, stories of the Underground Railroad, a few witches here and there…  and maybe
even the ancient Celts and the Druids …  because some of the history surrounding the area is truly ancient.

     For many years I have heard talk of a “Mystery Hill” up in New Hampshire, where, supposedly, a group
of ancient Celts, and / or Druids, had camped out and built strange stone monuments.  People say there is
a “sacrificial altar,” where bizarre pagan rituals were once held, and some even say the place is haunted!

     And so one day, finally, I decided to head on up there and find this strange historic site and find out
more about it.

     It’s a beautiful ride out to a beautiful part of New Hampshire,
down a back road, and finally you come up to find “America’s
Stonehenge.”  That’s what they call it now – America’s Stonehenge.
And the visit includes a small but very nice museum and gift shop
before going out to walk through the ruins.  (It’s a great gift shop,
by the way!)  Then, at the end of the trail of mystery, you can see
the alpacas that are kept as pets by the family that owns this
mysterious place.  But before going out, you can sit and watch a
video that tells the audience about America’s Stonehenge, formerly
known as Mystery Hill.  One surprise that I learned at the end of the
video was that a younger member of the family that owns this
archeological site (the family is coincidentally named “Stone!”)
discovered by using Google Earth that one of the megaliths at
“their” Stonehenge actually lines up with the “original” Stonehenge
that exists in England… when I saw that, I was like, “Wha-wha-
what?  Really?!”

     Now, that really is mysterious.

     And just like the Stonehenge in England, the place was built by people who were familiar with
astronomy.  It is an accurate astronomical calendar that determines solar and lunar events during the year.

     While wandering through the museum, I also
discovered that stones were found at the site with
a type of ancient writing called “Ogham.”  I have
previously seen this type of writing as it was des-
cribe to a tour group I was travelling with – in
Ireland.  What is an ancient Irish type of writing
doing here, in America, where in ancient times
the only known inhabitants were the Native
Americans?  The writing was translated and it
said, “Dedicated to Bel.”  Bel is the ancient Celtic
sun god.  And there, right in front of me, in the
museum, was a stone with ancient Irish writing on

     When you go outside, you walk down a trail
in the forest until you arrive at the ruins.  There are several stone hut type structures that appear similar to
those that were once inhabited by monks in ancient Ireland, and you can walk through them and wonder
and imagine who was there, many centuries ago.  Were they ancient Druids?  Or were they Irish monks
looking to live a truly rugged lifestyle?  Did a tribe of ancient Celts arrive there from Western Europe and
meet the Native Americans, and if so, why were they there?  What made them travel so very far away from
home in Western Europe, all the way to New Hampshire?

     Eventually you come to see the so-called
“Sacrificial Table.”  This is a large flat stone big
enough to “sacrifice” an animal or a person –
hopefully an animal and not a person!  There are
grooves in the stone that some say appear to be
so that blood can run off the stone.  But no one
really knows for sure what the stone was really
used for.  That it was used for sacrifices is just a

     It has been said that the famous horror writer
H. P. Lovecraft was inspired by visiting this site in
the late 1920’s.  When he wrote “The Dunwich
Horror,” he made references to some of the
legendary places he visited.  And so if you walk
this trail you may be walking on the same ground where H. P. Lovecraft walked.

     Rumor also has it that the notorious Aleister Crowley – that old devil himself - arrived there also to
perform “sacrificial ceremonies,” but this has never been proven and is probably not true.

     No one knows exactly who built “Mystery Hill,” but another interesting historical fact is that one of the
families that owned the property in the 1800’s used the location as a hiding place on the “Underground
Railroad.”  One can imagine people escaping and heading up north to freedom hiding out in the ancient
caves that were probably inhabited by Druids or Irish monks centuries before.

     While walking through the tunnels, I saw that it appeared someone had scratched the word “Hippie”
into one of the rocks.  This type of writing is possibly quite ancient and probably goes all the way back to
1969 – the Aquarian Age.  But it probably was not Ogham writing.

     Quartz crystals have been discovered buried under the earth in this area, and various ancient cultures
used quartz crystals.  “New Age” people also tend to use quartz crystals and wear them.  Is it a mere
coincidence that this area is rich in quartz?  Or did the ancient pagans who came here so long ago
gravitate to this area because of the quartz crystals?  Did they even realize that the quartz was underneath
where they were camping out all those centuries ago?

     It is said that many of the stones line up with Spring and Fall Equinox, Winter and Summer Solstice,
and that a stone lines up with “True North, and one lines up with “May Day.”  It would take a very
sophisticated ancient culture to be able to line up stones this way, certainly.

     But, besides the question of who built this place and why, the other question people often ask is, is this
place haunted?  Well, maybe!  The New England Ghost Project, a local paranormal investigation team,
went there to find out and they spent a night there with permission from the owners of the site.  The team
reported seeing a strange “pair of red eyes” watching them and also saw strange lights in the woods.  This
is not definite proof of the paranormal, however, the “red eyes” do sound pretty spooky.  The eyes could
have perhaps been a raccoon… or maybe a ghost?!

     I came away from the visit amazed by the mysteriousness of the ancient site and the natural beauty of
the forest that surrounds the area.  No one knows the truth as to who was there, or why they were there,
thousands of years ago, and we may never know, but it’s worth seeing.  Being there can make one realize
that there are still mysteries in this world and that there are still wild things out there to discover.

     If you want to learn more about the America’s Stonehenge, look for these sources of information:

     1.        America’s Stonehenge, by David Goudsward and Robert E. Stone, Branden Publishing
Company, 2003
     2.        Website of the New England Ghost Project, Ghost File:  Mystery Hill:  http://www.
     3.        Or, you can just get in the car and go visit.  Wear comfortable shoes if you go.  I would also like
to thank members of the Stone family for providing additional information on this fascinating historic site.